My AppleScripts on GitHub

So I have been enjoying tinkering about in AppleScript this last week or so. So much so that I decided to start my very first .git and post all the tiny plugins and scripts that I create there.

Go check out my GitHub Applescript folder. You may find something useful there 🙂 

I’ve added all the scripts I’ve created so far on it. Here’s the list so far (I’ll keep updating this) ::

  1. Love or Learn Current Song Playing (lets you loop the current track on iTunes, and display the tabs/chords on UG)
  2. Make TinyURL from Clipboard
  3. Open Currently Playing Song in YouTube
  4. Play Random Song from iOS device
  5. Show-Hide Invisible Files in Finder

For people who are too lazy to make the applications themselves, I’ve also uploaded the applications created to the .git under each plugin. Download the .zip files, decompress them, and move them to the necessary script folders for them to work.

Sencha Map & TabPanel Size Issue [FIX]

So it seems like there’s a size error with Sencha Touch 1. When you load a map into a TabPanel element the map stays tiny and refuses to fill the whole panel no matter what size you specify. Well after a lotta searching I finally found the solution to the Sencha Bug.

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Why This Kolaveri Di Chords

Once upon a time, Sasha opened Facebook (as was usual to the customs of the period), and was surprised to find that Facebook was flooded with some Kolaveri song. Disinterested (fashionably of course), she finally went to the YouTube link and listened to the song. It wasn’t all that great and she doubted it would really be that big a hit (yup, was I wrong there), so she closed the window. “Just another Justin Bieber”, she thought. And then suddenly, she head Kolaveri song everywhere she went, the market, at home, at office, on the news.  More after the jump…

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