Sencha Map & TabPanel Size Issue [FIX]

So it seems like there’s a size error with Sencha Touch 1. When you load a map into a TabPanel element the map stays tiny and refuses to fill the whole panel no matter what size you specify. Well after a lotta searching I finally found the solution to the Sencha Bug.

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Use Custom Button Icons in Sencha Touch

Sencha touch comes with an array of beautiful icons for almost every need of your app. However, if you’ve made a few apps you’ll realize that not all the icons in the resources folder work in the iconCls. Also, at times you may need to make your own app specific icons and personalize your app. This is a very easy process. And I’m gonna take you through the steps after the jump 🙂

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Sencha form disabled field color problem

This is a short post. I’ve been struggling on both the iPhone and the iPad to make the form fields look pretty. A very basic problem that comes up is that when the fields are disabled, the text background becomes grey but at the very end of the field, the background goes white. This makes it look really ugly on the GUI…. As though it isn’t rendered completely.

This is a work around to the problem that I found somewhere on the internet after the jump 🙂

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