Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 3D Initiative India

At first there was a seed. This seed was a tiny little idea in the mind of one Shefali A. While all other Whovian’s in India thought, “Damn it, not only is BBC Entertainment cancelled in India, but I’m sure the 3D special won’t release in the theaters either.” and started wondering about what torrent to get, this fantastic girl, in the middle of hot and sweaty Mumbai sat down and whispered,

I really really want them to release an imax version here…. maybe we can request it….

The seed grew, and took root, and became what I’m going to refer as the great Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 3D Initiative India.

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Gross Abuse of Women’s Rights by Bandra Police Station

I know that a lot of friends and family have already heard about this absolutely disgraceful abuse of power by a bunch of policeman over what seems like such a trivial matter as filing an FIR for a stolen mobile. However I figured that most people have simply read about the article in the Mumbai Mirror and haven’t heard my side of the story. This is my way of reaching out to the rest of you guys on the world wide web. I believe a little bit of awareness of our rights and the law goes a long way. This kindda thing may not happen or be relevant to a lot of people out there but even if it helps a single person I think I’d be happy.

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