iOS 7 – The biggest change to iOS since the iPhone… Truly !!

I’ve always been a firm advocate of the jailbreaking your iPhone. I think till date, in the 5 years that I’ve used the iPhone, while I’ve liked the changes in each OS release, I’ve always asked family and friends to wait till the jailbreak releases to update their phones. So why am I sitting up at 3:00am updating to the iOS 7 Developer Beta ? Because it’s pure unadulterated awesomeness !!

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Jailbreak – A Whovian’s iPhone

Many many people, more than I can count, come up to me when they buy a new iPhone/iPad for help setting up stuff, or to ask me for a demo of features, or to know what apps I recommend they download. But eventually, all conversations lead up to a single question.

Why (if at all) should I jailbreak my iOS device ? What are the perks its going to give me ?

In this series of posts, I’m going to try to answer that by showing you my favorite UI tweaks and (atleast attempting to) giving you the links to the repos for the same. 

Let’s start by changing the stock UI just a wee bit. I should add here, that at the moment I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan, as you can tell from the article I posted previously here :: A Whovian’s Tale, or Why Doctor Who is the Best TV Show in the History of the Universe.

You’ll know why soon enough 🙂

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