Calling all Whovians of India… 50th Anniversary Meet

Dear Whovians in India,

As you probably know by now, India will not be screening the 50th Anniversary show in theatres or on any channel here. Our sincerest apologies for the delay in getting back to you; we’ve been (and are still) trying continuously to persuade BBC reps and various broadcast partners to screen it here in India. Unfortunately, all we’ve received are flat out ‘no’s or polite British non-committal responses. Torrents zindabad! it is, then.

However, on the bright side, we collected almost 500 sign ups for the 50th in India, and many of you have emailed and asked me to organize a unofficial Whovian meet up in the cities. For this we will need your help.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 3D Initiative India

At first there was a seed. This seed was a tiny little idea in the mind of one Shefali A. While all other Whovian’s in India thought, “Damn it, not only is BBC Entertainment cancelled in India, but I’m sure the 3D special won’t release in the theaters either.” and started wondering about what torrent to get, this fantastic girl, in the middle of hot and sweaty Mumbai sat down and whispered,

I really really want them to release an imax version here…. maybe we can request it….

The seed grew, and took root, and became what I’m going to refer as the great Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 3D Initiative India.

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Reliance – High Court Scam

Reliance in India, these days, seems to be making all their money by harassing ex-customers for illegal demands of money, and blackmailing their subscribers with fake bills. I was shocked to find more than 500 cases where people have faced the same situation that I am about to narrate all over India filed in the Consumer Court forums. I would assume at this point the High Court would take action against the company’s blatant disregard for the law, and wrongful impersonation of the Honorable High Court Justice / Lawyers.

However, since there is no action taken so far, I will try my best to document my own fight with them for the same, and its outcome here. Hopefully, people can follow in my footsteps, and not get intimidated by this corporate thief. My own case will be recorded below in the chronological order in which it happened, this is as much for my documentation as for helping the next sucker that they try to con.

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