Jailbreak – A Whovian’s iPhone

Many many people, more than I can count, come up to me when they buy a new iPhone/iPad for help setting up stuff, or to ask me for a demo of features, or to know what apps I recommend they download. But eventually, all conversations lead up to a single question.

Why (if at all) should I jailbreak my iOS device ? What are the perks its going to give me ?

In this series of posts, I’m going to try to answer that by showing you my favorite UI tweaks and (atleast attempting to) giving you the links to the repos for the same. 

Let’s start by changing the stock UI just a wee bit. I should add here, that at the moment I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan, as you can tell from the article I posted previously here :: A Whovian’s Tale, or Why Doctor Who is the Best TV Show in the History of the Universe.

You’ll know why soon enough 🙂

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My AppleScripts on GitHub

So I have been enjoying tinkering about in AppleScript this last week or so. So much so that I decided to start my very first .git and post all the tiny plugins and scripts that I create there.

Go check out my GitHub Applescript folder. You may find something useful there 🙂 

I’ve added all the scripts I’ve created so far on it. Here’s the list so far (I’ll keep updating this) ::

  1. Love or Learn Current Song Playing (lets you loop the current track on iTunes, and display the tabs/chords on UG)
  2. Make TinyURL from Clipboard
  3. Open Currently Playing Song in YouTube
  4. Play Random Song from iOS device
  5. Show-Hide Invisible Files in Finder

For people who are too lazy to make the applications themselves, I’ve also uploaded the applications created to the .git under each plugin. Download the .zip files, decompress them, and move them to the necessary script folders for them to work.

Show/Hide Invisible Files in Finder – Automated with AppleScript

For consumers, the Mac is brilliant. The UI is clean, uncluttered, and shows just the right amount of information about files and has a nice Aqua interface. The Finder has been updated through all the releases of OSX and now includes dynamic previews of files, rapid real-time searches of data, and more.

One thing missing in the Finder view though is the visibility of invisible files. Most users wouldn’t bother about this tiny details, but for developers this is essential. We like to change config files, alter application libraries or (say) change a .htaccess file you downloaded. And for that, sometimes we need to view/alter hidden files.  So to make life easier for myself (and others like me out there), here’s a tiny automator that toggles the visibility of invisible files.

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Start playing songs from your iOS playlist on iTunes automatically

I come from a very musically inclined family. We do everything to music. From the very first second we open our eyes every morning (to groovy iPhone alarms) we work to music, study to music, eat/cook to music. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Lately I realized that the first thing I do every day at work login to my MacBook, connect my iPhone, open iTunes, and then start playing my work playlist. I started to wonder whether this whole process could be made easier (yes, I’m incredibly lazy), and decided I’d try to automate the entire process.

If you want to just get at the code, and don’t much care about the thought process/learning curve, the code is at the bottom in green. Jump ahead and start coding for your particular needs.

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Every Steve Jobs Video – A Birthday Tribute

Steve Jobs raised the bar when it came to keynote presentations. They were simply astonishing. A Steve Jobs presentation doesn’t just deliver information, it educates, motivates and entertains. We mostly remember “Stevenotes” for iconic product introductions and One More Things moments, but they were also filled with humour.

If you get as excited as I do watching a Stevenote, and if you love looking at things in a whole new light, whether its a look at Pipeline Processes, or a look at a device that far surpasses the rest of the masses, this is something you will enjoy.

The site’s creator told MacRumors that he wanted to get them online in time for Steve Jobs’ birthday on February 24.

I’m a long time Apple enthusiast and throughout the years have gathered every single Steve Jobs video I could find … To commemorate Steve Jobs birthday (Feb. 24th) I decided to put all these videos online and make them easily available for all. I believe it’s the most complete archive available.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Steve !! Know that the world has lost just a little bit of magic without you.

Every Steve Jobs Video – A Birthday Tribute

Enterprise and iOS — Part One

In the past couple of weeks, I’d been looking up Enterprise and iOS related topics. In general, how to identify registered enterprise devices ? How do you publish applications ? (which is part of my job profile right now) ? How to code for an enterprise application (yes its different from a normal consumer application).

I just hit upon a few interesting articles online, and this is my attempt to bookmark them for my own, or anyone else’s use in the future. The list is as follows :

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