My name is Sasha Azad and I am a Mobile Applications Developer, currently working at Bayer Business Solutions, Thane.

I am a self-proclaimed Apple Fan and living proof of the fact that “Once you go Mac, you never go back”. I currently design mobile web and native mobile apps on iOS and Android. Music is not just entertainment for me but a way of life. My idol and inspiration will always be Steve Jobs. I’ve recently turned into a die-hard Whovian, and there’s nothing I like better than to block out the world and all its troubles and dive into the Whoniverse. I am a blogger, entrepreneur, designer, developer, and overall thinker.

A passionate techno buff, I hope to make the world a better and easier place to live in.

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  1. Hello Sasha,

    I am a student, living in Mumbai.
    I am very impressed by Sencha Touch Technology. I wanted to join in person training for SenchaTouch as soon as possible. I heard that you provide advanced training for students.

    Can you please let me know about the details of the training course ?


  2. Have developed an app in Sencha Touch V2.This app contains a Mappa panel where there is a map, this map has been populated with markers which corresponds to the various locations(cafes) that are taken from a json file.

    The App Map panel functions as follows:

    On a marker click the start and end locations textields pops ups, where the user enters the values for the start and end locations, another click to any of the other markers results in, the directions from start and end locations being plotted onto the map.

    We need to implement the following functionality:

    We need to facilitate the directions of locations entered in google maps plotted onto the map on a button click and also need to recreate the map instance(refresh map) and place existing markers on another button click(map clear button) so as to create a new instance for the user to find directions for different start and end locations.

    Problems that we have are:

    1. While defining the handler for the button click resulted in no action being performed(getting directions handler was not functioning).
    2. Inorder to recreate the instance of the map, we had set the map to null but that resulted in a map without markers.

    Could you please help out in accomplishing the tasks for this app in Sencha touch version 2.

    • Aleshamary,
      I really cannot complete your entire app for you. However if you do face a problem you can maybe post a single error/query at a time and I could help. But if you have a problem with your entire app I suggest you look into hiring a Sencha Developer to help you out.

  3. Hi Sasha ,
    This is Anshima here.
    We are looking for a trainer for Sencha Touch who would also guide the students for Certification .
    Please get in touch with us at the earliest .
    Thanks and Regards,
    Quantum Infotrainers,Pune.

  4. Hi, We are leading training company in Bangalore, one of our client is looking for Sencha Touch training, kindly let us know whether your would able to help us on the same, please contact 9686682404

  5. Hello,
    I have enjoy with you blog,
    I would like to do a little program in Applescript in order to send instructions to RS232. This is for controlling some parameters of a video-proyector(ASCII code).
    Currently a I’am using a UBS-RS232 mod.KEYSPAN for sending the information through a Software-232Analyzer over PC.
    Then I need to do it over MAC10.08.05
    Note: the little program in Applescript will be open from another program with this type of script
    — Replace the name of the script as necessary:
    run script (POSIX path of (path to scripts folder) & “/Applications/QLab/Batch adjust selected.scpt”)

    Could you help me?,
    thanks for you attention from Barcelona

  6. Hi Sasha

    I have seen your answers to PhoneGap questions in StackOverflow in particular the barcode scanner working in windows phone 8. Our Australian company is looking to outsource the work around demonstrating this functionality. Would you be interested in building this demo for a negotiable fee?


  7. Hi Sasha
    Do you conduct training on Sencha Touch?We have a client looking for a advance level training on this module. Please mail me in case you need more details.

  8. Hello Shasha
    This is first time i am writing anything to some blog :p and thankfully not about some TECH issue. I liked your profile, writing and the way of thinking and thus wanted to admire. I shall keep you in my head and might get back some time with issues regarding tech or tone.

  9. Hello Sasha.
    Would like to connect with you for conducting a training program for one of client in mumbai on Sencha EXT JS4. Please get in touch on pyoli@skillsgurukul.in or +9819366122 to discuss this further.
    Hope to receive a positive response from you ASAP.
    Thank You.

  10. Hello,

    I have just read your tech article on loop start of Mac computers. It has been very helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise on Mac trouble fixing. Thanking you again, I am,


    PD Gupta

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