Calling all Whovians of India… 50th Anniversary Meet

Dear Whovians in India,

As you probably know by now, India will not be screening the 50th Anniversary show in theatres or on any channel here. Our sincerest apologies for the delay in getting back to you; we’ve been (and are still) trying continuously to persuade BBC reps and various broadcast partners to screen it here in India. Unfortunately, all we’ve received are flat out ‘no’s or polite British non-committal responses. Torrents zindabad! it is, then.

However, on the bright side, we collected almost 500 sign ups for the 50th in India, and many of you have emailed and asked me to organize a unofficial Whovian meet up in the cities. For this we will need your help.

If you wish to join us in a Whovian meet on the afternoon of Sunday, of November 24th, please click the following link and submit your preference for the city you’d like to meet in. Some cities have organized for Auditoriums to screen Classic Doctor Who episodes, while others claim to get a group together to watch the 50th show 🙂
**Keeping our fingers crossed and really trying not to jinx it here**

If you are interested in helping organize a Whovian meet, please read the section below carefully:

If you are a restaurant or cafe owner (or know somebody who owns one) and would like to have a Whovian meet at your establishment, please reply back privately on this email id. Let us know the full address, type of establishment, capacity, and whether you would be amenable to reserving an entire place/floor/section for the Whovians of your city to meet on the 24th afternoon. Also let us know if your establishment has or can arrange for a large screen to play videos.

Some restaurants and auditoriums have been booked. You will find details of those at the following Facebook event :

Additionally, if anybody is interested in selling Whovian merchandise, also reply back (to this mail, don’t compose a new one please!) privately so that we may – with everybody’s consent – pass on your details or arrange with the establishment owners to feature a display on the day of the meet.

We look forward to your response and cooperation.

Fellow Whovians, We will send an email within 24 hours confirming the venues of the meet across the country. Please keep your Sunday afternoon free 🙂 Again, for updated information, join the event page on Facebook here ::

Geronimo !!

Warm Regards

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