iOS 7 – The biggest change to iOS since the iPhone… Truly !!

I’ve always been a firm advocate of the jailbreaking your iPhone. I think till date, in the 5 years that I’ve used the iPhone, while I’ve liked the changes in each OS release, I’ve always asked family and friends to wait till the jailbreak releases to update their phones. So why am I sitting up at 3:00am updating to the iOS 7 Developer Beta ? Because it’s pure unadulterated awesomeness !!

I jailbreak for two reasons. UI and Security. And with Apple’s new release, iOS 7 goes above and beyond all my expectations and needs.

The new Activation config working with the Find my iPhone settings, makes it easy for me to track my lost iPhone while it staunchly refuses to let the thief access anything or wipe the iPhone until my iCloud password is entered. This besides my normal password that he has to know in the first place.

As for UI, iOS 7 is whimsical, and utterly delightful. The phone tracks your movement, and the wallpaper responds accordingly, letting you view the image underneath the icons or behind the sides of the phone. The 3D effect is enough to be impressive, yet not so obvious and in your face that you start getting a headache (like after watching 2-3 3D movies in a theatre back to back). Can you imagine keeping the inside of the Tardis as a background pic ? It would literally make it “bigger on the inside” 😀

Anyway, its getting late, and I’m eager to test out all the features I saw on the Keynote. My update is done, and the iPhone is ready to use. I’ll add in a more detailed post within the next few days, with a full analysis of the Beta.

“Can’t innovate my ass!” indeed 🙂

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