Mac OS X Easter Eggs

Let’s jump right in…

1. ‘Here’s to the Crazy Ones..’

My favorite Easter Egg so far, isn’t really much of an Easter Egg. But it does signify a huge part of the Apple history. It’s the text to the “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” from the Think Different ad campaign. And where is it featured ? On the icon of  All My Files and TextEdit on Mac OS X.

Here’s an image of the two icons… click on it to zoom in further.

All My Files & TextEdit icons

All My Files & TextEdit icons

2. LOTR Timeline

Now this is one that I encourage everyone to try for themselves. Typing a simple comment into Terminal reveals the Lord of the Rings timeline that Apple has hidden in OS X. To access it open Terminal, and type the following ::

cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr

This one I really hate to put an image of, since its a spoiler for anyone who wants to try it out for themselves, but for some of my closest friends who are still unfortunately Windows users (yes-Febin-&-Harshad-I’m-talking-to-you), here’s what gets thrown up on the display.

LOTR Calendar

LOTR Calendar

There are other calendars on the list. To view the list type in Terminal ::

ls /usr/share/calendar

You can add the name of the calendar instead of the “.lotr” in the command above.

Try the .freebsd calendar for famous birthdays, or .history for a list of atleast one important event on every day of the year

3. List of Terminal Games

This is a complete list of the emacs games that you can play on the Mac. I’ve tried most of them now and… just wow !! I’ll be discussing my favorite one MUD below, but here’s how you throw up the list.

To get the list type ::

ls /usr/share/emacs/22.1/lisp/play/    

To be clear, 22.1 is the version I have installed on my computer. You can either open the folder in Finder or let autocomplete on Terminal decide your version number. To play any of the games listed type ::

emacs [enter] [esc] x[gameName]

For example :: emacs [enter] [esc] xtetris —-> starts tetris

Here’s the entire list so far…

List of emacs games

List of emacs games

4. PC’s Blue Screen of Death

This has been around for quite some time… in Finder, whenever there are Windows PCs on the nearby network to FileShare with, the PC’s are depicted by the Blue Screen of Death icon. To be fair, the Mac does realize when its a Windows Desktop or a Windows Laptop computer, and the Blue Screen device changes accordingly.

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death

5. Paging the doctor…

This one is highly recommended for people who (like me) are forced to work on a PC all day at work. Before you either consider shooting the PC or yourself point blank when confronted by the enormous ineptitude that is Windows, first try having it all out with your personal psychotherapist.

To start the session, open Terminal on the Mac and type the following ::

emacs [enter] [esc] xdoctor 

This will start your session. To stop type [control] z

The Psychotherapist

The Psychotherapist

6. Sosumi

This sound has a rich and fascinating history. A long time ago, the Beatles record label, Apple Corps., filed a suit against Apple Computers for name conflict. Starting with System 7, Apple included this sound byte, named after the homophone of “so sue me.”


7. It’s Unbelievable…

There’s a login icon that users can choose that looks like a Vinyl Record. But if you actually zoom in on it, you’ll see the songs on it are actually Steve Jobs favorite words… ‘Magic’, ‘Unbelievable’, ‘Revolution’ and ‘Boom’.



8. Knock, Knock

This one has been around since atleast the 90’s. Some of my oldest memories are my dad, sister and I, sitting around our old Mac PowerPC Beige, and trying to get this to work in various versions of the Indo-US accents that we could do. Add to that non-stop Bombay traffic outside our window, and you’ll realize how very difficult it was to joke around with the Mac. These days luckily, it seems to work with the normal UK-Indian accent, and has a much superior noise reduction algorithm inside.

To get this to work turn on Speakable Items in System Preferences > Speech > Speech Recognition. Hold down the Esc key and say “Computer, Tell me a Joke.”

9. MUD

I’ve not yet figured this one out completely, but I’m gonna keep working on it. Turns out, that inside the Terminal hides a old school text based game, kind of like a MUD. Only in this one, as you start to solve it, you’ll realize that the world you’re exploring is actually the inside of your computer. This is a game by Ron Schnell, and ships with every major version of UNIX or Linux.

So far I’ve definitely figured out one way to die, and have gotten stuck about 20 steps in. Give it a shot and see how far you get.

To start the game, open Terminal and type the following ::

emacs -batch -l dunnet

Here’s what a sorry ending in the game would look like…



I had to end with this… this brilliant masterpiece. The only remade SW that doesn’t actually suck. To watch the entire Star Wars Episode IV in ASCII, open Terminal and type ::


Wait for a few minutes while it connects to the Telnet server, and then… voila, the movie begins. **20th Century trumpets play**

I found a YouTube video for all my PC loving friends. Have fun watching it.

Tell me what you think below 🙂

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