Jailbreak – A Whovian’s iPhone

Many many people, more than I can count, come up to me when they buy a new iPhone/iPad for help setting up stuff, or to ask me for a demo of features, or to know what apps I recommend they download. But eventually, all conversations lead up to a single question.

Why (if at all) should I jailbreak my iOS device ? What are the perks its going to give me ?

In this series of posts, I’m going to try to answer that by showing you my favorite UI tweaks and (atleast attempting to) giving you the links to the repos for the same. 

Let’s start by changing the stock UI just a wee bit. I should add here, that at the moment I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan, as you can tell from the article I posted previously here :: A Whovian’s Tale, or Why Doctor Who is the Best TV Show in the History of the Universe.

You’ll know why soon enough 🙂

1. Lock Screen – The Slider

Now iOS has a absolutely fabulous lock screen concept. Apple even got a patent for it recently. I do really love the slide to unlock bar. But, after a bit, wouldn’t you rather change what you slide ?

For example, lets suppose you love cars, wouldn’t you like a tiny car to slide to the other side of the screen ? Or if you have the weather as your lock screen, maybe you slide a tiny cloud across instead ?

Well, what I’ve done, is add in the Tenth Doctors Sonic Screwdriver as the slider box thingy. And the sonic screwdrivers sound to the slider bar at the bottom. And now, looking/listening to my phone unlock makes me smile everytime 🙂

How to get it ? Goto ModMyi – Sonic Screwdriver and download and install it

Sonic Screwdriver Slider

Sonic Screwdriver Slider

2. The Network Carrier

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having Vodafone, or (in my case) Airtel on top of the status bar on your iPhone. But who wouldn’t prefer the Tardis ?? Or (searches her mind to think of things that non-Whovians-who-don’t-know-what-they’re-missing-out-on will relate to)… how about a Decepticon ? or a little Pac Mac ? or a Storm Trooper ?

All that and more is possible with the Zeppelin Tweak on Cydia. 

Tardis Zeppelin Carrier

Tardis Zeppelin Carrier

3. Lock Screen – Date and Time

This was just me trying to make the lock screen date and time match the rest of my lock screen wall paper. I found a nice tweak that let me change the vertical position, the font, and the color of the Date and Time featured on the Lock Screen. You can of course take them off completely, but I wasn’t keen on doing that.

To get this you can use a combination of :: ColorClock and Clock Hide and No LockScreen UI

Without further ado, here’s my completed, Whovianized, and absolutely awesome new Lock Screen 🙂

Sonic Screwdriver Slider

Completed Whovianized LockScreen for iPhone

4. Sonic Battery

This is a fun tweak, that changes the battery image that shows up on the iPhone screen when its charging to the Eleventh Doctor’s (ie Matt Smith’s) Sonic Screwdriver.

To activate this use Sonic Screwdriver Battery

Here’s what it looks like.

Sonic Screwdriver Battery while Charging

Sonic Screwdriver Battery while Charging

5. Extra HomeScreen Backgrounds

Yes, yes, it is possible to change homescreen backgrounds without jailbreaks too. But the question is, can you have one background image in the normal mode, with all the icons showing in the foreground, and a whole ‘nother one when you open a folder in the iOS to view something in it ?

Well now its is…

Normal Wallpaper for iPhone

Normal Wallpaper for iPhone

Alternate Wallpaper for folders in iPhone

Alternate Wallpaper for when folders are open in iPhone

Unfortunately, I cannot explain how I did this one. It was an accident 😀 I installed 2 different background themes, and then added my own wallpaper as well, eventually I think one of them crossed into another, I don’t know how,  and I may not be able to reproduce it again, but I’m here to tell you that fun stuff does happen when you experiment in Winterboard.

Here’s another awesome combination of themes I found online that I’m going to try to achieve next (while of course, adding my own little twist to it)

Another DW Theme

Another DW Theme

The possibilities are limitless.

And so…

You, of course, don’t always have to Jailbreak your iPhone. You can go for an innovative wallpaper that instead blends into the stock UI of iOS as well. Here’s a simple example of the same. In the image below, the date and time fits perfectly into the tardis, and the stock camera in iOS 6 adds a tiny Dalek at the bottom.

Stock UI Blends into LockScreen Image

Stock UI Blends into LockScreen Image

But, jailbreak your iPhone if you want to truly customize and fine tune its look. It’s not a crime, and just makes your phone look nicer. It definitely puts a smile on my face 🙂

Write in and tell me what you think below.

10 thoughts on “Jailbreak – A Whovian’s iPhone

  1. Love the slider and the battery. But am very new to jailbreaking. I downloaded it, but it doesn’t work. Used winterboard and selected it, but it doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  2. So as much as I love these concepts, is it safe to say that the Circles Lock Screen theme as well as anything based off of it no longer works?

    • I’m not actually sure anymore.. I loved iOS 7/8 so much that I upgraded and I’m currently using the non-jailbreak version on my device.

      If you have jailbroken the iPhone though, you’ll find that most of the repos in Cydia would have updated to work on the newest OS’s 🙂

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