Reliance – High Court Scam

Reliance in India, these days, seems to be making all their money by harassing ex-customers for illegal demands of money, and blackmailing their subscribers with fake bills. I was shocked to find more than 500 cases where people have faced the same situation that I am about to narrate all over India filed in the Consumer Court forums. I would assume at this point the High Court would take action against the company’s blatant disregard for the law, and wrongful impersonation of the Honorable High Court Justice / Lawyers.

However, since there is no action taken so far, I will try my best to document my own fight with them for the same, and its outcome here. Hopefully, people can follow in my footsteps, and not get intimidated by this corporate thief. My own case will be recorded below in the chronological order in which it happened, this is as much for my documentation as for helping the next sucker that they try to con.

Reason for Disconnection

This surprised me, but I was one of the first Reliance customers in my neighborhood. Reliance had to set up a network from scratch, and they got the Box (I’m not sure what the technical term is), connected through one of my neighbors flats in the area. Maybe they had to pay rent for the same ? I’m not entirely sure. All I know is that the Reliance guy who came to install it, told me the Box was wired through the terrace of our building, via a neighbors flat near by.

Unfortunately, this meant that when my neighbor went on his yearly holiday every year in March/April (during his kids school vacation I’m guessing), the Box, along with any other device using up electricity would get disconnected. This of course resulted in me losing internet for a whole month every year. I would call and rant on call center/service center, and they could do nothing about it. I was however, forced to continue paying for internet for the entire month that I didn’t get internet for, again through no fault of my own.

I had enough, and in 2010 decided to disconnect their services, and move on to MTNL, a sound provider of internet, one that I knew would make a better choice for me.

May 2010

1. Disconnection of Reliance Broadband services

    Date of request of disconnection : Beginning of May, 2010
    Request made : In person (once), as well as to the Reliance Customer Care call center (several times) where the call was recorded each time
 ***Note*** This means, that I should only have to pay for April, 2010, bills and not May 2010, since I was no longer a subscriber, a fact that the call center assured me of
2. No response was made. Bills arrived for both the month of May.

June 2010

1. In June the following letter was received :
Disconnection Letter confirmed by Reliance

Confirmation Letter for Cancellation by Reliance

2. The bill arrived in June again for the same monthly rental amount.

3. I paid the bill thinking maybe it was for the 5-6 days in May that I used the internet for before I disconnected the services.

 ***Note*** The entire amount due for May has now been paid for in total and cleared in June

July 2010


1. Bill received from Reliance Broadband Services for Internet services provided during the month of June (ONE MONTH AFTER DISCONNECTION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE SAME)

2. I called the Customer Care requesting reason for said continued bills. Was informed that until the Telephone Device, Modem and Connecting Cables were collected from the customers residence bills would continue since the service was not yet stopped. At this point I requested that the Reliance employees come and take away all equipment

3. Multiple Calls made to Customer Care to entreat them to take the device away. Assurance was made that Reliance agents would come to collect the equipment but no on came

4. Reliance employees came and collected the Reliance Modem and Connecting Cables towards the end of July (ONE MONTH AFTER DISCONNECTION). The employees refused to take the Telephone Device since they insisted it was not their job. 

August 2010


1. Bill received from Reliance Broadband Services for Internet services provided during the month of July (TWO MONTHS AFTER DISCONNECTION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE SAME)

2. Call made to Reliance to find out reason. Customer Care informs that the telephone device is still on the premises. But since no one had come even TWO MONTHS AFTER DISCONNECTION OF SERVICES. I was informed that I could dispose of the device as I saw fit since NOW no one would come to collect it. 

3. Device disposed off (actually kept carefully until the Reliance team came and collected it about a year later) & FINAL BILL PAID AND CLEARED. Reliance Call Center confirms that no more bills are due. 

Bill for August 2010

Bill for August 2010

4. The bill for Rs. 14/- as shows above was cleared in full.

January 22, 2011

1. Call received from a person claiming to be a Lawyer. Said person threatened to bring the case to Delhi High Court within a few days if an amount of Rs.2000/- is not paid immediately for non submission of the Reliance Telephone Device. (The same device that the customer was told to dispose of in August 2010)

2. Mail sent immediately to Reliance Customer Care from my email account ( : as shown in image below. 

Letter to Reliance

Letter to Reliance

 3. Mail received (attached below) from the Customer Care Account in response to earlier mail sent to Reliance (as shown above)
Response Letter from Rel.

Response Letter from Rel.

January 27, 2011 : approx 12:30pm

1. All information requested was provided to the nearest Reliance Communications office at Linking Road, Bandra. The office confirmed that no money was due. And that a mistake was made on their behalf. And that since the device was disposed off (as asked by Reliance) in August 2010, the matter was closed (as confirmed by the Bandra Reliance office)

April 14, 2012 : at about 2:00pm

 1. A call was received at around 2:00pm. The caller claimed to be a lawyer working for Reliance. The said lawyer refused to give his name or state what law offices he was working for, or give any other identification to prove he was indeed who he claimed to be representing. He also refused to speak in any language except an Urdu Derivative of Hindi which forced me to call a friend to translate what he said.
2. The “lawyer” forcefully asked me to show up at Delhi High Court the next day to either pay a bill amount of Rs. 2800/- or action would be taken against me for disobeying the Delhi High Court. When told by me that there was no summons delivered to my house, the “lawyer” seemed a little surprised that I had heard of the concept of summons. Then he said that the summons would arrive in a day or two but I had to come to the Delhi High Court immediately. When I said that I  would not do that without accepting a proper summons and chance to respond to that with my lawyer the person claiming to be a Reliance Lawyer disconnected the line.

June 11, 2012 : at exactly 10:20

  1. Call recd at 10:20am, lasted 4 mins.
  2. Caller claimed to be a Lawyer from Delhi High Court representing Reliance
  3. Caller refused to give name or designation
  4. Caller asked me to pay bill amount of Rs. 3100/- to the nearest Reliance Communications center on my customer ID
  5. Caller stated that if I failed to do this by 12:00 pm June 11, 2012, I would have to appear in front of the magistrate at Delhi High Court on June 12, 2012.
  6. When I informed the “lawyer” that no summons were sent, he avoided the issue and stated that if I wanted to close the case to pay the aforementioned amount or she would have to pay Rs. 50,000/- to Reliance Communications and then also additionally pay bail money to the Delhi High Court.
  7. The caller then disconnected the call

Call details : Number – +91 8290748983

June 11, 2012 : at exactly 10:30

  1. I called back the number to ask the name, designation and office of the caller. The lawyer refuses to answer. And the call gets disconnected abruptly.

June 11, 2012 : at exactly 12:10 

  1. “Lawyer” calls again and asks if the money has been deposited. Total call lasts 2mins. Details as follows.
  2. I states that the money cannot be deposited since the bill is an incorrect, the caller starts yelling at me.
  3. I asked for the caller’s name and designation.
  4. Caller states that his name is (at this point his voice lowers in pitch and volume and he mumbles) “Vishal Abhiniotri”.
  5. I requested the spelling of his name he replies : “Vishal” and then refuses to state the last name but this time makes it sound like “Aganiotri”
  6. I asked him to spell his last name, and he says (and I quote) “Aapko mere naam aur designation se kya lena dena hai”
  7. I informed him that if this was a legal call he should have no problem giving out his name, and if he doesn’t then it constitutes as harassment by an anonymous number and it is illegal.
  8. At this point the “lawyer” starts yelling and abusing me verbally and says (and I quote) “Aap agar paisa abhi nahi dete ho toh aapko 2pm ko call ayega and aapko pata chalega ki Delhi High Court aur Reliance ka time barbaad karne ka matlab kya hota hai” then the caller continues, “Aap un auraton mein se ho jo paisa ka matlab nahi jaantein ho and sabka time barbaad karna chaahtein ho, abh aapko 2 pm iska nateeja malum hoga. Reliance ke pass bahot tareke hote hai aur aapko apne actions ka nateeja zaroor malum hoga.”
Call details :- Number : +91 8290748983
                    Name : (sounded like) Vishal Abhiniotri or Vishal Agniotri But not confirmed by person
                    Designation : Refused to give
                    Law Office : Refused to state, only continuing to assert he is calling on behalf of Reliance Communication at Delhi High Court
                    Mobile Number : Using tracking technology the Location of the mobile number was traced to — Airtel Mobile, Rajasthan. (which means the caller lied when he said he was in from of the Delhi High Court ready to walk in and press charges against one Sasha Azad.
Fake Reliance Lawyer Representing Delhi High Court

Fake Reliance Lawyer Representing Delhi High Court

June 11, 2012 : at exactly 2:30pm

1. Letter sent to Reliance Appellate Authority.

2. No response ever received.

July 11, 2012 : at exactly 3:15pm

1. Post made to the Reliance Communication Facebook wall.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 3.12.40 PM

2. Response received from the public and from the Reliance team on Facebook

Response received on Facebook

Reliance trying to sidestep and avoid the matter on Facebook

3. Continual of response from Social Media. If you look at the image below you will see that more people have claimed that the exact same thing has happened to them with Reliance. Refer to comment from Suveer Bajaj in the image below.

Consumers complain that the same harassment for incorrect bills have occurred to them as well before

Consumers complain that the same harassment for incorrect bills have occurred to them as well before

July 25, 2012

1. More response received, also a suggestion to complain to the Delhi High Court Bar Council for impersonation and fraud by Reliance claimant officers.

Suggestion to talk to Bar Council of Delhi

Suggestion to talk to Bar Council of Delhi received

2. Letter drafted and sent to the Bar Council on 26th July, 2012 as follows :

Letter to Bar Council of Delhi

Letter to Bar Council of Delhi

March 5, 2013 

1. No more mail or calls were received till today morning.

2. Call received from Delhi High Court and I was told to call Advocate R. K. Chauhan to find out the status of the case. I informed the person (who did not leave his name) that as far as I was aware there was no case. They told me that the case file would be sent to my local police station, and if I wanted to avoid arrest, I would have to pay Rs 30,000/- or call the Advocate R. K. Chauhan

3. I called Advocate R. K. Chauhan of Chauhan and Associates, Delhi, 2:06 pm exactly. I told him the entire matter as it stood today. He informed me that he will look into it, and I should wait for his next call in a few days. Once he clarified a few matters with Reliance, I should seek a NOC from the nearest Reliance office, and once that was done the matter would be closed once and for all.


I find it very hard to believe that this matter could be ever closed. Yet circumstances being what they are, I will continue to hope for the best.


29 thoughts on “Reliance – High Court Scam

  1. I know the formatting is terrible, but I’m in a bit of a hurry, will edit it and make it more readable later.

  2. I am getting emails and sms from reliance to pay the bill for duration when I had already submitted a request to disconnect. As I had already moved from that place, I am not aware if they ever disconnected the connection.
    They are threatening me to be present at Pune Court.
    Any suggestions? Do I need to go to Court? They have not provided any more details.

  3. Hi,
    Any updates on this? Was any legal case really filed in Delhi Court?
    I am facing similar issue. Bills generated after I canceled my broadband in July. Multiple calls demanding payment. And today I was told to come to Pune court. Also a phone number was conveniently provided should I wish to settle.
    I am thinking of filing a Police complaint for harassment.

  4. Hi Sasha,
    I also got the same threatening call from Delhi (#911164559266) at 4.58 p.m. IST while I was at office. The person stated that he was commissioner of Delhi and a case has been registered about me and he is going to file a case in an hour or else I had to pay up my remaining outstanding of reliance netconnect in 1 hour. I am actually from Hyderabad and I don’t know how they file a case in Delhi. Last year, I disconnected the reliance netconnect way back in September 2013 with all dues and final settlement
    with my credit card even 15 days advance payment made at Hyderabad (Erragadda outlet). To my surprise, they sent me bill for the October 2013 and then again November 2013 rentals and now asking me to pay the outstanding. I think this is a complete fraud from Reliance even after clearing all bills and filling up the application for closing everything this sort of thing has happened. This is a complete cheating and fraud from Reliance. After seeing so many people like faced the same situation, I am ready to file a case at consumer court and even file an FIR in police station.


  5. Ravindra,
    Do not pay any money. Whenever you get a call from Reliance note down the phone number and the name of the person making the call. It will be useful in case of police complaint. I currently doing the same.


      • Hi,
        This is my story. I signed up for Reliance Netconnect Dongle in Jan 2014 post-paid. I need it for 2 months only since i reside in California and was in Mumbai for 2 months only from Feb and March. I called up Reliance Customer Care on 21st April and asked them to terminate the service. I was given a confirmation nos.. I received a bill in May which was fine since i had to pay for 15 days more after request for termination. But i have received a new bill in month of June. I contacted them to ask as to why my service was still active. They told me this strange reason that i decided on 5th May to continue with the service. I made no such request neither my family got any call. 5th May is exactly 15 days after my request for termination which is the last day before they should formally disconnect. This clearly is some kind of corporate level systematic fraud. I have paid all the bills till May but i won’t pay them a single penny for anything beyond. I contacted them via email and on phone and i keep being told that i told them to activate them. This is ridiculous. I could have no way gone to their center with documents and asked them to reactivate nor did my family get any call where they agreed to continue. Let me know what you guys think.
        Thanks and Regards

  6. Well, I can add myself to this list. Just got a call today from Delhi, from a so-called Lawyer in the Delhi court for supposed non payment in, believe it or not, 2006.
    I had closed my connection then due to numerous hassles and cleared everything. In fact what was pending was the return of my deposit which still has come.
    Today a certain Vinod Chauhan, +919654640258 has called me stating do you want to proceed with court proceedings or do you want to settle out of court. He wanted an answer within 30 minutes which I told him to forget about. Now he wants me to call by 4 PM.
    Guess this is how Reliance has traditionally made their buck.
    Pathetic to say the least.

  7. Same problem for me I have disconnected 6 months back now they are calling me and even an advocate sent me a mail that I should pay with in 6 days or else I will be charged with a case… What to do? Completely unfair game from reliance

    • Before they get into details, first get the name of the person calling you, their law office name/address, and save the number in a document somewhere (or actually, put it in a comment on this blog post, and tell them you’re doing it for your personal record). Then, tell them you have proof of payment, and now unless they send you a legal notice you are not answering any calls from “Advocates”. Then disconnect the phone.

    • Hi Vineel,

      Simply ignore these emails or letters. And more ever these are all fake Advocates. I have got letter from Reliance saying no dues and i still get such fake letters from Advocates. Just thrash them.
      Amit Kumta

  8. I also got the call from Delhi Court and the lady is stating I need to pay the amount of 2359. do they really file a case if yes then how they can go for it even i am residing in mumbai and they have filled it in delhi.

    Calling no. 9555092451

    Should I pay that bill or not.

    Please advise.


  9. My experience is similar to the numerous posts listed above. Matter of fact someone from reliance sent me a soft copy of a document which looked like a summons but without any signature or seal, asking me to appear in a Bangalore court. This came several times followed up with an e-mails asking me to pay. Even with my limited legal knowledge, I am well aware that unless a summons is served in a proper format and same is accepted by me / my family member, I should not make a fool of myself by going to court. After a few months they changed the tactic and I started receiving calls during weekends. The caller claims that he is calling from some court in Delhi, speaks in a menacing tone and threatens that he will file the case and make me cough up Rs.10K. When I expressed my unhappiness on the tone of the caller, he became even more aggressive but abruptly ended the call. I’m determined to continue to ignore these antics till Reliance provides valid responses to my queries. If they do drag me to court, I’ll fight till the end to expose the highhandedness of reliance and their pathetic service. Keep you posted.

    • Just keep a record of the calls, keep their phone numbers, check locations, etc. If possible, a day or two after they call you, call them back from another number, and find out the details of the person calling. You can also file a police complaint on the phone number that calls you for harassment.
      More power to you!

    • hey Sasha! I read your post. First of all this is not a Delhi High Court matter (Delhi HC doesn’t have the necessary jurisdiction to try this matter unless it goes into appeal from a lower court, which generally take years and if and when the HC accepts it). Second, you cannot be asked to come to Delhi HC, this will be settled in a court in Maharashtra (probably a district court). Third, the lawyer who claims is from Reliance should probably know that. Fourth, a notice should be sent to your residence. Notice cannot be sent via the company through any form including SMS or emails. A court official has to come to your address and give you the notice personally and then only are you supposed to go to Court. Fifth, the summons is sent only when they file a case and since you haven’t received any, it is just a scare tactic because the court will throw out this ridiculous case before it even sending you any summons. Next, the police cannot be involved in this matter as it is a civil dispute. The police can be involved only if the Court issues an arrest warrant against you and that will be issued only if you do not respond to the summons (which you haven’t received in the first place). There is no need to talk to an advocate in Delhi High Court because the HC does not have jurisdiction in the matter. I will talk to my superiors and let you know how to proceed forward. In case this harassment continues, you can always lodge an FIR in your local police office for harassment, misrepresentation. I will get in touch with my superiors and revert back to you on the same. I was told that this is a scam wherein different telecom operators approached a lawyer in Delhi who claimed that he would get back all their outstanding payments by whatever means necessary. It is a scam that started way back in 2012 or 2013. Do not pay heed to it. I will definitely revert back to you on the same. Take care ❤ love

  10. same here guys.. they overcharged me for 7000 rupees after changing to reliance wipod in Aug 2016 and suspended my connection even though my bill due date was 5 Sep 2016. i called their customer care and asked them how can they overcharge when my bill plan was for 999 only which they promised will remain the same after changing to 4g wipod. They dint really have a proper answer and i said i wont be paying extra than what was promised. I bought the new device for 899 rupees thinking it would be the same but they cheated. On Aug 31 2016 some named manikandan called and asked me to pay the usual amount instead of the over charge amount but he insisted that i should pay immediately as its the month end.I I clearly told him no way as you guys have suspended my connection on Aug 18 and i have no internet and its 8 pm already i cannt go and pay right now and any waay bill due date is 5 sep only i would pay before that. And as i promised i paid the bill for July-Aug 2016 for 1149 rupees on 4 sep 2016. But my connection was still not activated even after i paid the bill and aususal customer people dint give me any answer other please wait for 6 hours it will work and take a complaint number. But the problem was not solved and again i got the bill in sep for 26 rupees and i the customer care guy told me before my connection was suspended on 18 Aug i used the internet for sometime so only and i was also ok may be but still i dint have any service and they had no idea why was it still not working and he told me if you pay this bill your connection will be activated an d i paid this also and again no service . I was tired of calling them 3 or 4 times each week and repeating the same story and i asked him about changing to prepaid instead of postpaid and they said it is not possible as it should be more than 6 months to change and i even asked to terminate my connection they said it is not possible also as my connection is in suspended mode, so if its active only i can terminate it, they have a block for every move to make sure we are stuck with them and they wont solve any issue also. And for Oct , Nov and Dec i have been getting bills in varied amounts from reliance and i am sick for writing mails and calling them up for the bills they sand without giving me any service or answers. the bills varies from 296 , 905 and 502 and they said its the rental charge. How can people play such stupid lame games , i said i am not paying anything and wrote email to nodal officer and there also no response. In Facebook page they say that they will contact me shortly and never do that also. I get sms about demand notice , legal notice and now court summon. And someone calling me to pay bill and almost shouting at me when i tried explaining the story and when i asked her how can your monthly rentals be changing every month , she cut the call and escaped. so annoying with this reliance.

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